Alegria do Samba

A show group in Stockholm specializing in samba from Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian samba is carnival, community, and joy – these are the guiding principles of Alegria do Samba. We offer shows, carnival trips, and classes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts.

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Corporate Events

Book us for corporate parties, kick-offs, inaugurations, commercial recordings, and nightclubs.

Book an exclusive choreographed dance show with carnival dancers in sparkling, colorful costumes. Then get the dance floor rocking to the samba beat, as guests join a carnival parade for a genuine carnival experience. Additionally, you can book musicians who play samba rhythms just like in the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro. We can offer anything from a short surprise event for your guests to a grand, specially designed stage show filled with dance joy, plumes, and luxurious costumes.


Alegria do Samba specializes in high-class wedding entertainment.

Make your wedding reception an unforgettable experience! Break up the wedding waltz with samba drums and get your guests dancing in a carnival parade from the dining table to the dance floor. We offer an exclusive choreographed dance show with carnival dancers in tasteful, sparkling costumes, and then we lead the couple and guests in a carnival parade for a genuine carnival experience.

Private Party

Raise the roof on the dance floor – Alegria do Samba turns your event into a carnival!

This show package brings Brazilian dance joy that will infect your guests with energy. It’s perfect for smaller gatherings, where the performance happens as a surprise just in time for coffee to boost the party’s pulse and raise the roof on the dance floor.

Stage Show

Alegria do Samba offers a high-class stage show with live music for city festivals and other large events.

Alegria do Samba provides a top-tier stage show featuring live music, numerous carnival dancers in luxurious costumes, and acrobatic performances. This setup is ideal for larger events and can be combined with costume changes and multiple stage entrances.

Free trial for new beginners!

New beginners are welcome to try out at the following times:

Monday 26/8 from 18:00 to 18:55

Wednesday 28/8 from 18:00 to 18:55

Thursday 29/8 from 18:00 to 18:55

Monday 2/9 from 18:00 to 18:55

It is important that you register in advance via email; we will notify you if a class becomes full. Alegria do Samba’s dance classes for the autumn term 2024 start in week 37.

We offer three dance classes for beginners, two dance classes for continuing students, and a continuation level 2 class for those who have danced for several years. We have a limited number of places per class, so register in advance to guarantee a spot.

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About us

Alegria do Samba is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Brazilian culture and dance in Sweden. Established in 2006, Alegria do Samba has always been guided by a passion for Brazilian samba.

Since 2008, Alegria do Samba’s instructors have been trained by Carla Campos, a personal trainer and founder of the SAMBA FIT concept. SAMBA FIT combines Brazilian samba with fitness, a concept that Alegria do Samba was the first to introduce in Europe. The focus of the training is to increase body awareness and boost self-esteem while providing an intense and enjoyable workout. All dance classes include exercises for posture, elegance, and femininity.

This training concept has been refined and further developed over the years. Our instructors have trained and been certified by Carlinhos Salgueiro, the choreographer for the samba school Salgueiro in Rio de Janeiro. His unique method, SAMBA DIVA, fosters confidence and expression, while his technical samba teaching is a key methodology in Alegria do Samba’s dance classes. Carlinhos Salgueiro has been a guest at Alegria do Samba on several occasions, and Alegria do Samba’s instructors have trained with Salgueiro’s passistas in Carlinhos’ PROJETO SAMBA NO PÉ.

Alegria do Samba’s instructors are also trained and certified by Evelyn Bastos, the queen of the bateria at the samba school Mangueira in Rio de Janeiro. Her signature method, SAMBA DE MOLA, focuses on using the hips in samba.

Mayara Santos, with her signature method SAMBA FITNESS, has inspired and enriched Alegria do Samba’s instructors’ training and teaching methodology. She has been invited several times to conduct workshops hosted by Alegria do Samba.