Karnevalsresor med Alegria do Samba

Alegria do Samba presents

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Experience 2024 

Welcome to join Alegria do Samba for an experience of a lifetime! Alegria do Samba is passionate about Brazilian culture in all its forms, with a profound love for carnival in Rio de Janeiro. We offer a Premium Carnival Experience for those who are visiting Rio de Janeiro for the first time and Passista Samba Experience for experienced dancers, dreaming of parading as a passista in Rio de Janeiro Carnival.


Rio de Janeiro Carnival Experience 2024

Alegria do Samba’s instructors have been travelling and performing at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival since 2005, we are fluent in Portuguese and call the city our second home. In 2010 we began to organize group trips to share our love and experience of the marvelous city at its best to others!

We have during this extensive time built an excellent network of trusted contacts in the samba and carnival community, as within tourism and transport, with the purpose to take care of our participants in the best way possible. Safety is key when we organize the tour, so you can relax and enjoy everything Rio de Janeiro has to offer! All official tour activities include private transportation and local guides.

You are most welcome to travel to Rio de Janeiro at any time, however Alegria do Sambas instructor’s will only be available during the specified tour dates. The tour packages do not include; flights, accommodation, insurances, visas, airport transfers, metro and uber transports, drinks, meals, or experiences not outlined in the tour package. Travel insurance is mandatory and make sure you are vaccinated.


Rio de Janeiro Carnival Passista Experience
26th of January – 13th of February, 2024 

• Carnival parading in a passista aisle in samba school in Grupo Ouro
– includes costume* and shoes supplied by the samba school
• Four dance classes with the passista coordinator of the samba school in Grupo Ouro to prepare for parading
• Three workshops with the best samba instructors in Rio de Janeiro
• Technical street and drum rehearsals prior to carnival at the samba school
• VIP tickets to watch the parade of Grupo Ouro on parade day
• English-speaking guide will escort you into the marshalling area and collect you at the end of the avenue

Application by video: To take part in this group, you need to submit a video of yourself dancing samba no pé to samba batucada music (150 bpm) in heels, apx. 2 min. Alegria do Samba’s instructors will together with the passista coordinator of the samba school review your video to ensure you are at an appropriate level to represent the school.

• Be in excellent physical shape and willing to train samba no pé throughout the year in classes to improve your samba technique and street fitness.
• Commit to learning the samba school theme song in Portuguese;
– participants must sing while you dance on the avenue, or the school loses points.
• Must commit to arrive in Rio in time to attend the samba school’s final street rehearsal on the weekend before Carnival.

* Alegria do Samba does not take responsibility for quality or delivery of the costumes. Depending on the samba school’s theme, costume design and quality as well as delivery on time is the responsibility of the samba school. The costume is yours to keep and take home with you if you wish.

 For prices contact: info@alegriadosamba.com

Friendly note!
Only accredited carnival photographers are allowed on the samba avenue. You cannot use your mobile phone while parading as this will deduct points from the samba school. Alegria do Samba will contract a professional carnival photographer to attempt to capture photos of you during the parade, we cannot guarantee that the photographer will get a photo of everyone. However, the experience of parading as passista in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro will forever remain in your memory!

Carnival Passista Photo Shoot

Add on includes
• Professional photographer and/or videographer
• Make up made by professional make-up artist
• Hire of a carnival sequin bikini or bodysuit and feather headdress
• 10 edited images
• 1 video clip apx. 30s of you dancing in a samba costume

The photo shoot is held at one of Rio de Janeiro’s ‘hot spots’ the Sugarloaf, Selaron’s Stairs, Lapa Arches or Ipanema Beach, some days before carnival (weather depending). An Alegria do Samba instructor will coach you through the photo session. You need to provide your own shoes and extra accessories. 

For prices contact: info@alegriadosamba.com

Pictures from previous Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro

Karnevaler i Europa

Välkommen att följa med Alegria do Samba på karneval i Sverige eller i Europa! Alegria do Samba deltar årligen på karnevaler i olika städer i Sverige. Karnevalerna är ett tillfälle för våra elever att visa upp sin samba i en riktigt karnevalsparad med musiker och publik. Våra dansare åker också regelbundet till karnevalerna i Helsingfors i Finland, Notting Hill Carnival i London, Coburg i Tyskland och Sesimbra i Portugal.

  • 23-24 maj 2020 Kulturernas Karnval, Uppsala https://www.kulturernaskarneval.se/
  • 21-29 maj 2020 Moscow Samba Festival, Ryssland
  • 12-13 juni 2020 Helsinki Samba Carnival, Finland https://www.helsinkisambacarnaval.fi/i
  • 30-31 augusti 2020 Notting Hill Carnival, London
  • 10-12 juli 2020 Coburg Samba Festival, Tyskland https://www.carnifest.com/
  • 23-26 juli 2020 Mega Samba, Sesimbra, Portugal
  • 12-17 februari 2021 Carnaval Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
  • 25 februari – 1 mars 2022 Carnaval Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
  • 17-21 februari 2023 Carnaval Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien